Home Interior Trends for 2021

Home Interior Trends for 2021


January came and went within the blink of an eye. On writing this, we are over halfway through February and we'll be putting the Christmas decorations back up in no time at all. Before we lose sight of 2021, let’s take a moment to identify some of the best interior design trends that you can easily apply to your home.  


We all know someone (or maybe it’s you) who has every surface of their house filled with ‘things’, including but not limited to a receipt from 2019, pens, keys that don’t fit any lock in the house, ceramic artwork, a plant that needs some TLC, candles, and the objects that are too big to fit in the top draw. Who’s guilty? As many of us are still working remotely, we find ourselves hunched over the kitchen desk or holed up in the spare-bedroom-turned-home-office. It’s important to focus on a minimalistic set-up in the home. How are we expected to be productive in an environment full of clutter?  

The first step: Declutter. Regardless, if you think these miscellaneous objects serve a purpose or whether you haven’t got around to putting things away, tidying up is essential. Find homes for the miscellaneous items. We recommend putting on some upbeat tunes and allocating some time for this. Do it once and do it right.  

It’s really useful to look at the space in your home, in-particular wall space. Are you utilising these areas? A Wooden Peg Board could be the perfect addition to your space to assist in transferring items out of the way, but still being in view.  


Wooden Pegboard


Unique pieces of art can turn a house into a home. Artwork shows individuality, personal flare and elevates spaces. There are so many methods to finding the perfect piece. These include researching for local artists, getting assistance from an interior designer, or creating your own pieces! If you’re someone who loves creating, a Studio Roller could be exactly what you need to start designing. Tip: If you already have artwork in your house, try moving pieces to different rooms every few months to change up your surroundings! 


Interior Trends


Fundamentals > Decorations 

As more people become aware of sustainability and household waste, it’s a great time to consider the purchases you’re making in the home. Secure the big items you need, a bed, dressing tables, couches, TV unit, etc and then focus on the finishing touches. Instead of purchasing a new couch every few years or searching for a new dining table, change the smaller items that ‘finish’ the room. Based on influencers and interior designers across social media platforms, it’s clear that ‘dressing a room’ is on trend (and also good for the bank account)! Think about updating the throw on the couch, changing the cushion covers, or swapping the fruit bowl. A good place to start is with an interchangeable letter board for quotes, notes and inspiration. Our favourite is the Wooden Letter Board or Scout Letter Board. If you want more of a change, paint the walls! It’s incredible to see a space completely transform with a lick of paint.  


Scout Letter Board


The interior trends emerging focus on timeless, simple and quality spaces. People are moving away from fads and are eager to create a home environment that is useable, productive and enjoyable. Focusing on minimalism, artwork and securing the fundamentals is a great stepping stone to creating a unique, stylish and sleek household.  

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