Make your menu and messages look great with the Magnet Wall Tiles. These interchangeable raw steel panels are great for changing your menu throughout the day, or to show messages in a fun and unique way within your space.

You or your handyman are looking at taking about 30-45mins once you’ve got the tools ready, so get a good playlist going, pour yourselves both a cuppa and enjoy the quick and easy process.


What you'll find in the box.

Installing magnet wall tiles



We'd recommend you use a qualified builder for installing the Magnet Wall Tiles to reduce the risk of getting the installation wrong.

how to install magnet wall tiles

Start by considering your layout - 4 × 3, 2 x 6, 1 × 12 or vice versa and measuring how they will be spaced on your wall. We recommend about a 100mm / 4” gap between tiles. Remember that the magnets are hidden behind the Wall Tiles, so this gap between magnets will be larger.




We have included screws for mounting onto a dry wall or wooden wall. If you are mounting to a concrete or tiled wall, your builder will have to get particular screws and tools for this. 

installing the magnet wall tiles

We recommend starting from a corner magnet and measuring across with a level to keep the magnets aligned. The steel tiles are 300mm x 250mm, but we'd recommend mounting the magnets 50mm in from the edge of the tiles.




Fix all 48 magnets onto the wall in the layout you have decided. This may take a while to measure and fix, we think a cup of tea is handy for this part.

how to install the magnet wall tiles



Your Magnetic Wall Tiles are now good to go and ready for you to customise with one of our magnet letter packs, or have vinyls stuck to it by your local sign writer.  Get creative and enjoy!

Installing Magnet Wall Tiles

See how we've use the Magnet Wall Tiles and get some inspiration for installation in your space.

Magnetic letter wall display

Do the Magnetic Wall Tiles come with screws for mounting?

Yes, the Magnetic Wall Tiles come with screws for mounting onto a wooden surface.

Can you use magnet letters on the Wall Tiles?

Yes, you can. We sell extra letter packs for making magnet menus on your menu board too.

Can the Magnetic Wall Tiles be mounted on a tile? 

Yes, you can mount the Magnetic Wall Tiles to tile or brick. You will need to source the correct screws from a hardware store though, as ours aren’t designed for tile or brick. Your builder should have these handy too.

Does logo printing come with the Magnetic Wall Tiles?

No, we sell our Magnetic Wall Tiles as blank and don't provide a signwriting service.

How do I get the Magnetic Wall Tiles branded?

Your local signwriter will be able to make and apply a vinyl adhesive to the tiles.

Can the Magnetic Wall Tiles be used outside?

The Magnetic Walla Tiles are designed to be used indoors, but are also suitable for exterior use as the stainless steel will not rust in wet weather.

What other menu board options does George & Willy sell?

We also sell the Park Menu, the Scout Letter Board for something smaller, and the Market Chalkboard for something different.