Meet the Team, Samantha McLean

Meet the Team, Samantha McLean

Tell us about yourself

I grew up about 20 minutes out of Tauranga and have been living and travelling all over the past 4years, most recently doing a Winter Stint in Canada and a few years of non-stop Summer in Queensland, Australia. I love anything hands-on and creative, like to think of myself as a bit of a homemade coconut yoghurt connoisseur and potentially have an addiction to houseplants.


What does your day to day look like at George & Willy?

My day usually consists of Instagram and Pinterest, looking after Etsy and the Online Store, Customer Service and whatever else comes up. It’s a super collaborative workplace so I get to wear lots of different hats in a day. We always start our mornings with a coffee so I’m currently also trying to master at the art of frothing coconut milk.


What is one thing you can’t live without?

Probably moving my body in some way each day, I’d go insane otherwise. I’m also pretty into reading at the moment so have a few books on the go.


How is being creative important to you outside of work?

It's so important to stay inspired and creative outside of work. I feel like creativity is a muscle you need to keep working at but also think taking time to do things that light you up is equally important. Travelling is what keeps me inspired and excited which is why I’ve spent so much time doing it. The constant change of scenery, food, people and places all fuel the fire within.

Favourite creative brands?
Glossier is a favourite. I'm a Makeup Artist and have worked in the beauty industry for years and I love the playful, fresh aesthetic and stripped back imagery they use. It's a super relatable brand which is refreshing. 


Best way to start the day?

You can’t beat an early morning walk up The Mount followed by a Coffee at the beach and swim afterwards. We’re so lucky live in this beautiful part of NZ so I like to be outside and make the most of it as much as possible.

What is the greatest professional advice someone has ever given you?

That anything is possible! Cliche I know, but I really do believe this. We’re capable of almost anything and often the only person holding us back is ourselves. 


What is your favourite George & Willy Product?

I love the Atelier Letter Board, I think it's beautiful and adds a bit of luxury to any space. 


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Essentials E-book

We have lots of ideas, prototypes and stories that don’t go any further than our workshop. It seemed a bit of a waste to file them all away, so we decided to share these with you.

Here is the Essentials E-Book, a mixture of teachings and thinkings, aimed to inspire you to enjoy life and give things a go.