Everyday Swing


The Everyday Swing is designed to improve you day, everyday.

If you're swinging on it, pushing your friend on it, or even your dog, the everyday swing aims to bring back nostalgic childhood memories. It can be easily hung up anywhere that is a likely looking swinging spot, just ask someone under the age of six and they will tell you where it should go.

Just like fisherman say that a bad days fishing is still better than a good day at work, Any day with a swing in it is better than a day without.


- 0.58 Metres New Zealand native timber
- 4 metres black yachting braid
- 20 metres blue & red check braid
- 4 stainless steel screws
- 4 stainless steel washers
- 2 stainless steel o-rings


1 – Pick your favourite swing spot
2 – Ask your Grandfather how to tie a bowline
3 – Tie the swing safely in place
4 – Have fun


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