Kundig's Brain Studio

Kundig's Brain Studio

"The Brain is a 14,280 cubic-foot cinematic laboratory where the client, a filmmaker, can work out ideas. Physically, that neighborhood birthplace of invention, the garage, provides the conceptual model. The form is essentially a cast-in-place concrete box, intended to be a strong yet neutral background that provides complete flexibility to adapt the space at will. Inserted into the box along the north wall is a steel mezzanine. All interior structures are made using raw, hot-rolled steel sheets."

Design by architectural genius, Tom Kundig

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Essentials E-book

We have lots of ideas, prototypes and stories that don’t go any further than our workshop. It seemed a bit of a waste to file them all away, so we decided to share these with you.

Here is the Essentials E-Book, a mixture of teachings and thinkings, aimed to inspire you to enjoy life and give things a go.