The Studio Roller is one of our most popular products, and we've found so many different uses for it over the years, both at home and in the George & Willy workshop. Whether you're using it in a business space or in your home, we've found it to be a multifunctional wall display that we use every day. Have a read of our favorite ways to use a Studio Roller and get inspired.

Keeping time

Its good to know what’s ahead. Our wall-mounted kraft paper dispenser is a great way to display a timetable so you can keep track of dates, deadlines and special occasions. The Studio Roller could be used in the home for family calendars, or in a business space, to let clients, students and guests know where to be at what time. Once the week is up and the timetable is no longer needed, simply tear it off and put it in the recycling.

The Studio Roller to do list

Display a menu

Available in multiple sizes, the Studio Roller functions as the perfect kraft paper menu wall display, ideal for jotting down the daily specials or a staple menu. Stack multiple smaller kraft paper dispensers together for breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, or add everything to one page. Made a mistake or updating the menu with the changing season? Tear the paper off and start again. Easy.


 @thisoldbrickhouse using the Studio roller alongside another menu display option, the Atelier Letter Board.

To-dos and shopping lists

In the home, at the studio, or in the office, the butcher's paper wall dispenser can be used to keep a to-do list on track. Putting pen to paper is a proven way to manage tasks, as outlined in our blog post 5 Reasons To Put Pen To Paper. Keep track of your to-dos for the day, week or month, and cross or tear them off when they’re completed.

For a smaller option of the Studio Roller, take a look at our Daily Roller, ideal to make quick notes and shopping lists in smaller spaces.

 kraft paper menu wall display

Drawing for kids and adults

Drawing on paper can be a therapeutic process for both adults and children, and the Studio Roller provides the perfect canvas for yourself or your little one to scribble, draw and doodle on. It’s a great addition to a child’s bedroom decor if you have a blank wall space and are stuck for ideas, and will keep them entertained for hours. We’d recommend using a Posca Pen on the kraft paper as the ink won’t seep through and make unwanted marks.

 kraft paper menu wall display

Wrapping gifts

A nice reminder of the traditional Post Office parcel wrap, and used to cover meat at the butcher’s, the Studio Roller can also be used as a kraft paper dispenser for wrapping gifts. Tie it with a piece of jute twine and a sprig of something green for a simply but beautifully wrapped present.

 kraft paper menu wall display


Wrapper flowers and plants

For florists wanting to reduce their use of cellophane plastic wrap, the Studio Roller is a great option, as the kraft paper can be recycled or composted once it's finished with. Use the Studio Roller as a butcher’s paper dispenser and wrap the paper around a flowers or plants for an eco-friendly option. Tie with a ribbon or length of string to add an extra touch and secure the paper without using tape.

The Studio Roller comes in a range of sizes, but for an even smaller version, take a look at our Daily Roller. 

We love hearing and seeing how you use our products. Already have the Studio Roller and use it for something else we haven't covered? Share your pictures with us by sending them to


Phoebe Paterson