The Wooden Letter Board draws inspiration from lazy board game afternoons with the use of wooden letter tiles that resemble over-sized scrabble letters. This wooden menu board instantly became a firm favourite of George & Willy’s when we first added it to our collection, it’s the perfect format for jotting down ideas, greeting your guests or as a changeable menu board.  

The Wooden Letter Board comes as either a half set, or full set. In a full set, you will receive 20 rails and a set of 800 tiles with the alphabet printed on them. If you find yourself short of particular letters, each set also comes with its own set of alphabet stickers that can be applied to blank tiles.  

Although we initially designed the Wooden Letterboard as a café menu, we have been over the moon at the different ways you can apply the letter board in your homes, business and creative space. We are firm believers that, when you share words in your space, the format in which you choose to share the words are just important as the message itself.  Here are six of our favourite ways that you can enjoy the use of your wooden letter board throughout our space.  

Menu Board.

Season’s change and so should the different things your offer on your menu. The Wooden Letterboard with changeable letter tiles with ease. Seasonality allows your guests to experience new flavours, not to mention, foods that are in season simply taste better. We designed the menu board letters to be stored in beautiful gift boxes so that changing your menu is a seamless task and the letters will always have their own tidy compartment to make life easier.  

Wooden Bakery Menu

 Chart Your Success.

 When you have your goals where you can see them, you’re more likely to achieve them. Use the Wooden Letter Board to make a physical note of your goals and to remind yourself of everything that's important. By making specific goals, you are able to bring focus and clarity to your day to day, not to mention it will make you motivated. It also helps if you enjoy looking at your goals, especially if you’re prone to less then perfect penmanship, for this reason, we outline our goals in the studio using the display lettering of the wooden Letterboard. 

Wooden Letter Board

Have fun.

Lighten the mood with a fun saying. We have a Dr. Suess quote above our lunchroom. More often than not we find ourselves contemplating the wooden letterboard, where otherwise, we may have been looking down at our phones.  Sharing words and thoughts encourage conversations and contemplation, with visitors often pointing out the display lettering and acknowledging the message which creates better human connections.   

Split it up.

The Wooden Letter Board can be put to any number of things. We particularly like when it's split up and used as individual display signage throughout your space. Consistency is key when sharing important messages when you know the format of an important message, it catches your eye. Throughout our space, we use it to point out important and noteworthy things- The Meeting Room, the Toilet, The Workshop, similar to wayfinding signage, but with changeable display lettering instead.

Wooden Letter Board

Stay present. Sometimes its all too easy to get caught up in the fast pace and technology of the world and it's important to take stock of the good things. Use the wooden Letter Board to spell out a thoughtful motto to remind you to live in the moment. Here's a personal favorite of ours shared on a display lettering format which makes us nostalgic

Wooden Letter Board

Brush your teeth.

Set the Wooden Letter Board up in multiple rooms, as a gentle reminder to brush your teeth, or eat your greens. You can also regularly change the message by simply slotting the tiles in and out of the rail to adjust the focus of your household or space. 

Wooden Letter Board

Although the Wooden Bakery Menu is easily applied as a changeable letter board for cafes, restaurants or eateries, letterboards are also a great addition to your home or business. If you have limited space to work with, the Scout Letter Board is perfect for intimate spaces and offers the perfect format for sharing words in your home due to its efficient use of size and quaint letter tiles.  


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